Regulated: CySEC
Payout: 89%
Min Deposit: 100$€
US Clients: X
Max Trade Amount: €1,500
Bonus: 30x
Number of Assets: 89
Free Demo Account: X
Trading Platform: SpotOption
Types of assets: Currencies | Stocks | Indices | Commodities


Deposit Methods:

Visa , Mastercard , Amex , Bank Wire , Maestro , Ukash

Withdrawal Methods:

Visa , Mastercard , Amex , Bank Wire , Maestro , Ukash

Trading Currency USD , EUR

Banc de Swiss is a young brokerage firm that was founded in the beginning of 2012 and has since risen to be one of the leading binary options broker in German-speaking part of Swiss. It is in this vein that the broker has retained its focus on the German speaking community. Banc de Swiss offers its trading platform and website in five major European languages. Keplero Holdings Ltd which has been in business since 2011 owns and manages Banc de Swiss trading. Banc de Swiss has enjoyed some exponential growth despite just arriving the scene. This is definitely in view of the focus or emphasis Banc de Swiss offers its clients.

Non-acceptable countries

• Afghanistan
• Algeria
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Belgium
• Crimea
• Cote D’Ivoire
• Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – North Korea
• Guyana
• Iran
• Iraq
• Lao People’s Democratic Republic
• Myanmar
• Papua New Guinea
• Canada – Quebec
• Sudan
• Syria
• Uganda
• Ukraine
• United States
• Vanuatu
• Yemen